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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Review of That Art Place and SmART art classes in Louisville, KY

 photo SmART_zps86b2ee11.jpg photo SmArt5_zps2929f7e4.jpgWe arrived at the Mellwood Art Center for our 9:30am SmART (Saturday Morning Art) class. We left time to find That Art Place shop in the midst of the many businesses in the Mellwood Center. My kids put on one of the big shirts provided to protect their clothes and sat at a table. Mrs. Melissa Wood started the class by talking about the difference between crayons and pastels, and continued to instruct the class in different art techniques and information as the kids created their craft. The kids were taught how to draw a pumpkin from the inside out, how to use your hand to create a leaf shape, learned about primary versus secondary colors, and much more. Melissa did a great job engaging the kids, asking questions, and teaching about art. The kids used pastels, paint, scissors, and glue to create a cute pumpkin scene this particular Saturday. The kids had a great time learning about art while creating something they could be proud of and take home. There was another mom besides me who stayed with her kids, but you are welcome to leave your kids and come back at the end of the art class. 

 photo SmArt2_zps1effea23.jpg photo SmArt1_zps4ccc369a.jpgI love that SmART is more than just a babysitting service, it's an opportunity for kids to learn as well. Melissa seems very caring, and you can tell she has a degree in teaching and art. She was very good with my inquisitive 7 year old, my inexperienced 4 year old, and balancing a small class with other distractions going on. It's easy to look at the calendar on the website, check the age groups, and theme, and reserve your spot. You don't need to pay until you arrive at the art class. There are some great half price deals on the website - be sure to check it out!

 photo SmArt4_zps071d97d3.jpg photo SmArt3_zpscf0b4e58.jpgThere are several different instructors that work out of That Art Place space, so feel free to check out the calendar and other types of art classes going on for adults and kids. We were able to observe a birthday party while at That Art Place on the other end of the room. While there are a lot of smaller parties, this party had about 30 kids. There was plenty of room, and the instructor, Tracy, did a great job of instructing and working with the large group. It looked very organized and the kids looked like they were having a great time. That Art Place looks like a great place to host indoor, unique, fun parties and play groups!

By guest contributor: Caryn

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