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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Review of Hidden Hill Nursery Kite Extravaganza in Utica, Indiana

 photo IMG_4808_zpsf630eee4.jpg photo IMG_4805_zps19826b61.jpgSpring has sprung! Once it starts getting warmer outside my kids (2 & 4) and I are outside A LOT. So, in an effort to get outdoors and do something a bit different we checked out The Annual Kite Extravaganza at Hidden Hill Nursery. (You might recognize the name of the owner of Hidden Hill Nursery, Bob Hill, who wrote a column in the Courier Journal for several years.) Hidden Hill Nursery is located in Utica, IN-a short and scenic 5-7 minute drive once you across the 65 bridge. Hidden Hill Nursery specializes in garden sculpture and rare and unique plant species. Each year, they celebrate the opening of their nursery and spring by hosting The Annual Kite Extravaganza.

We pulled into their small gravel parking lot and started down the marked path towards all of the action. The path is laden with sculptures-most of which have been made out of repurposed items. The sculptures range from carved stone to a giant tin man made from watering cans. The kids got a kick out of some of the more eccentric ones. I considered it a beginning of their art appreciation!

After we weaved through the sculptures, tunnels of metal and vines we found the kite making area. There were two employees there to assist families. We spent about 30 minutes here using small dowel rods, plastic table covers, string and duct tape and made the most awesome kites. The kids were so proud of their creations. Just a few weeks before, I nearly bought them kites at Costco. I’m so glad I didn’t. The nominal fee of $3 per kite here was definitely well spent. We took our completed creations out to the giant field assigned for kite flying and stayed there for about another hour. The kids were laughing, running and just…well, happy. Honestly, it wasn’t just the kids who had a good time. Mom and Dad were running around like kids too!

 photo IMG_4857_zps2ffc88d6.jpgOn our way out, we took a short break at their picnic tables for a snack that we had brought along with us. Next to the picnic tables, there was a small gift shop and bathrooms available.

I would certainly encourage you to check this place out. You may have missed their kite event, but you could make your own or buy one to take here and fly on a windy day. I would also recommend this as a fantastic place to take some pictures of your kids, as there are some great natural backdrops. If you do go, be sure to check out their website for hours as they vary slightly and are open Thursday-Sunday only.

By guest contributor: Jennifer

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