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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Review of Blaze Pizza in Louisville, KY

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Allison was given a pizza voucher for purpose of review.

My family and I had the opportunity to give Blaze Fire’d Pizza a try, in fact we ventured in on Father’s day. We were taking a big risk with our kiddos going in when we did, because we had already worn the kids out and it was just about bedtime.

We walked in, and hopped in a relatively short line. On the menu board there are a few specialty pizza choices and the option for a build your own pizza. The most expensive pizza tops out at 7.95 with unlimited toppings. 

You order “Subway” style, starting with the type of pizza sauce that you want, they have several sauce choices including a white sauce. The only tricky part that happened in the assembly line type ordering was that my 5 year old just wanted pineapple and ham on his pizza, and they were unable to write that on the paper that accompanies your pizza. As a result of this, I was having to keep up with his pizza in the line and then get back to my own pizza and I felt a little frazzled.

We paid for our pizzas, 4 pizzas and 4 drinks ended up being $39 and some change. I was surprised that my husband didn’t freak out about that, but he didn’t. He said paying for a fast casual meal that made all 4 of us happy was worth it in his book. 

 photo 20140615_194838_zps5b76c908.jpg
 photo 20140615_194913_zps00551357.jpgAfter paying, getting our drinks, and finding a table to sit, our name was called to go collect the pizzas. Everyone was really pleased that we all got to have the toppings that we wanted on our pizzas (it eliminated the fighting portion of pizza ordering). The best part? There were no meltdowns, no kids that were tired of waiting for food and then not eating because they were "done" by the time the food came (don’t tell me I am the only one that has this happen).

All in all we had a fantastic experience and I think that it will soon become a favorite spot for my family. 

By guest contributor: Allison

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