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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Review of Disney’s “Planes: Fire and Rescue” in 3D at the Regal 16 Theaters in New Albany, Indiana

Jackie was given free movie tickets for purpose of review.

 photo WP_201407161_zpsf5b9b1b4.jpgMy boys (ages “almost” 5 and 2 ½) were so excited to get the opportunity to see “Planes: Fire and Rescue” at the screening we attended Wednesday night at the Regal 16 Theaters. This wasn’t just any movie for us. It was the first time for both my boys to go to a movie in a theatre! Our family was ready to go, and we were not disappointed.

If your family is anything like ours, we have watched Cars, Cars2, and Planes too many times to count. We love planes, cars, trucks, trains, and construction equipment. We were in luck! This movie had a lot of things that we thought were missing from the first Planes movie. The dramatic action begins when Dusty Crophopper, that superstar of racing, discovers a problem with his gearbox that spells the end of his racing career.  A series of events leads to Dusty being trained as a fire rescue plane, to save Propwash Junction’s airport from being shut down. 

 photo WP_20140716_zpsa2cfc4f1.jpgDusty’s journey in his fire training reminded us of the first Cars movie.  We were quickly introduced to new characters, and their personalities endeared them to us very quickly. The action picks up, and the story line was really enjoyable. The few moments where characters were in danger or injured, were resolved in a gentle way. This was good for us, because our boys are pretty young and my oldest son tends to be more sensitive.

 I would recommend this movie!  If you enjoyed Cars, and have wished (like we have) for another movie with the same charm and wit, this is it. All 4 of us had a very enjoyable time, and I look forward to adding “Planes: Fire and Rescue” to our library!

By guest contributor: Jackie

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