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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Things to do this weekend around Louisville - February 1 & 2

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It's the picks for things to do..............video style!


Links to what I mentioned:

$5 February for some museums on Museum Row on Main


Diaper Fairy - calendar, email to RSVP for their free event

Think Ahead -Capes &; Crowns - Feb 8th! Support Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies - special LouFamFun discount tickets or sponsor a family!  Discount tickets for LFF readers!

Also, not mentioned on the video,  The JCC is having 2 events on Sunday that look supah fun (yeah, supah) "Girl Power" and a Nutty Scientist fun-shop.  Details here.  They are ongoing on Sundays into March, cool!

Have a fabuLOUs weekend,
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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Review of Whet Your Palette - Drop-in Painting Option in Anchorage, KY

 photo 11113a2b-41be-468b-9bcf-87ea26fd4a22_zps48677c79.jpg photo 35741a3a-f45b-435b-8f32-67a49abe9846_zps32dd07ec.jpgRecently we decided to try the drop in time at Whet Your Palette. Whet Your Palette is at a house in Anchorage near The Village Anchor with drop in times daily (Monday through Saturday), as well as class times in the evening that you must pre-register for. We had never been to a drop in painting time, so for only $10 (more money if you want a larger canvas size), we figured we'd                                                         try it out.

 photo 79d88903-85e6-411b-83d8-00b807ac627a_zpsc3999234.jpgWhen you walk in, the check-in is in the first room on the right. We decided to stick with the 8x10 canvas for my almost 5 year old to paint, paid our $10, and headed in to the next room on the right. This room became very crowded while we were there, but there was another large and small room that were not available to use (I'm not sure if those rooms are just for classes or parties). I think the employees at Whet Your Palette are used to return customers, because we were not given very much instruction, but most people there seemed to know what to do. We grabbed aprons, and one of the workers brought our canvas over to an easel at the end of the table. Here's what we learned from watching and asking questions:

 photo 5861dbf1-4b94-4610-b4f2-707e4d24e6a4_zps77e37ffd.jpg1. Around the room are lots of completed canvases. If you decide to paint one like it, they can give you a little picture of it to attach to your easel to look at.
2. The paints on the counters with the pumps are see-through, the bottles on the back shelf are solid (and look better on the canvas).
3. Grab several sizes of brushes and put them in the clean water right away to soften up the bristles.
4. You use the little brown scraps of thick paper by the pump paints as your palette, and add a little of each type of paint you'll use on it.
5. They have things like glitter that you can add to make your canvas extra special - ask the employees if you want to add something special before you start painting.
6. You can use a sharpie marker on your canvas (some signed their name or initials with it)
7. They have an oven that they will put your canvas in to help it dry between coats of paint. If you don't do this, you will have runny colors if you try to layer your paint.
8. When you're done, you leave your brushes in the water and your paint palette on the table.

 photo 43b330ca-6da1-402e-8e15-a59eb07068ab_zps313cae81.jpgThe website does say they provide "partial guidance" during the open painting time, so we didn't expect to be told how or what to paint, but we would have liked some guidance initially. They were very helpful when we asked them specific questions on how or what to do to make our paintings better. And everyone that worked there was very friendly. For $10 (or $15 or $20 if you want a bigger canvas), it was very worth it. And now that we have a better understanding of what we're doing, I think we'll have an even better time next time.

By guest contributor: Caryn

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

LouFamFun Early Literacy Ideas - January

PhotobucketIn 2014, there are SO many new things coming to LouFamFun! One of them is my new post about incorporating early literacy ideas into your parenting. I know you can find all sorts of ideas by googling all over the place, but I wanted to start sharing my love of early childhood, early literacy, and sharing stories with young children. I am a children's librarian in my recent former career, so this is all very near and dear to my heart. Each month, I will be sharing an easy recipe, books to share together, rhymes/songs/chants, and play literacy all centered around a theme for the month. I'll also give you a tip for one great family centered place to go explore in Louisville that incorporates a lot of what I discuss.

January - Winter Wonderings!

Books to share: If It's Snowy and You Know it Clap Your Paws by Kim Norman, Winter is for Snow by Robert Neubecker, Snowy Blowy Winter by Bob Raczka, Snow by Manya Stojic, On a Wintry Morning by Dori Chaconas

Rhyme: Dance Like Snowflakes (Sung to Are You Sleeping)
Dance like snowflakes, dance like snowflakes
In the air, in the air
Whirling, twirling snowflakes
Whirling, twirling snowflakes
Here and there, here and there (from childfun.com)

Recipe: Sweet Tortilla Snowflakes

 photo photo_zps4f53fbc9.jpgFun Printable from Reading is Fundamental - Literacy calendars with ideas for each day!

Play Literacy Idea: Using masking tape, mark off a large mitten shape on the floor for your kids to sit inside while you read The Mitten by Jan Brett and reenact the story with stuffed animals.

This month I'll highlight one of our favorite places to go in the winter, for indoor fun, science, learning, and play. The Kentucky Science Center! Even though we don't go as often as I would really like to, my oldest child always loved the water area and the kids zone at the Center. My youngest (who is 2 1/2 right now), loves the kids area as well. He really enjoyed the Science in Play exhibit. Read about our most recent review of the Science Center here. They offer outstanding programming, and their FREE morning playgroup once a month for younger children is a great opportunity.

By guest contributor: Erin

Monday, January 27, 2014


 photo graceship_zps14d8de3a.png
GRACESHIP is a local laptop bag company founded by Louisvillian, Emily Gimmel.  She decided that women needed an option to have a stylish yet useful bag to carry everything they need for business.  With GRACESHIP bags, women don't need a purse - the bag is a purse too.  Now that I (Stephanie) have gone back to work full time outside the home, the first thing I realized that I needed was a great bag to tote all of my business gear and for sure, I wanted something trendy.

 photo graceship2_zps96984d06.png
Hats off to this local entrepreneur who took it into her own hands to create styles exclusively for women in mind.  Not only did she consider what women would want in terms of style, she thought of your budget as well - these fabulous bags are priced under $200.

And, you can enjoy $20 off with this coupon code: FAMILYFUN

This week's contest is fantastic, the winner will be able to select their choice of bag from GRACESHIP!

Read the details/specs/features about each bag by clicking here, we are going to ask you about it!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

January Family Book Review

 photo photo_zps2e84c1a8.jpgThis month's review starts off the new year with a book written by a local author couple! It's The Misphits: Story of Snake by Todd and Cheryl Schleuning and illustrated by Alessandro Vene. The story is centered around the theme of fitting in, sticking up for others, and deciding not to give into bullying and other behaviors that hurt others. It encompasses the lessons of overcoming adversity and shows that having a disability is ok. Through the use of animals as the characters, the story accomplishes a valuable lesson for all children to learn at a level that is understandable and attainable for the audience; the authors recommend this book for children in grades K-3.

I really enjoyed the illustrations in this book. They are bold, clear, clean-cut, and so bright! My kids really enjoyed hearing this story. What I am really enjoying right now with my kids' ages (10 and 2 1/2) is that my older child reads to my younger one and they just sit together so cozy and enjoy a book together all the time!

The authors have graciously agreed to have a giveaway soon, so be on the lookout for that! Be sure to look for this book where you shop or borrow books from your local library. We always want to support local authors in our city! You can also listen to their Louisville.am podcast here, and see them on Great Day Live here. Check out their website, http://www.misphits.com/ as well.

By guest contributor: Erin

WINNER! Toys R Us Gift Card courtesy of Primrose School of East Louisville

 photo EastLouisvilleHorizontalStackedGreenTLIECWebsitePhone_zps5504706c.jpg
 photo primrose_zpscf08a0d1.jpg
Primrose School serves children from 6 weeks to private Pre-Kindergarten, Before and After School programming, Half-day programs and Summer Camp. They anticipate their school opening June 2014.

They are having an informational meeting for parents on January 30th at 6pm.

Last week we ran a contest for a $50 gift card to Toys R Us from Primose School.

The winner is Alexis Thomas 
To claim, please email info@louisvillefamilyfun.net from the email address with which you used to enter the contest.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Things to do this weekend in and around Louisville - January 24,25,26

Here's what you should do this weekend:  Get on a plane and go to Hawaii or maybe southern California or the Caribbean.  Ok, ok - that sounds expensive.  But, wouldn't it be nice to be jet-setting off to warmth right now?

 photo whiglwinner_zpsbdc950b0.jpgHappening all weekend pick: Have no fear, there's a place you can go this weekend and feel like your getting away.  Check out our fabuLOUs Maggie's kids at the Louisville Boat, RV & Sportshow - they went yesterday. You see, you can take the kids boating there and you know, kids 15 and under are free.  It's open through Sunday - details here.

 Maggie said this regarding what the kids liked the best: "The canoe thing was a big hit. There was also a giant plastic tumbler thing that they LOVED. But they also enjoyed exploring all the RVs. They wanted to buy every single one we went in. They loved all the bunk beds and tiny bathrooms. The boats were fun but the campers and motor homes were AMAZING!"

Other picks:

Friday:  Are you into those painting places?  Try Whet Your Palette. I was just there this week and I can say that it is a pretty sweet place because 1) It's in a cool house 2) It's in a cool setting near Anchorage Trail and The Village Anchor and 3)They have paintings that you can do for just $10.

Saturday:  A reader recently told me that she loved the American Printing House for the Blind because it's a "touch" place and her kids can explore everything without her worrying that they are getting into something they shouldn't. Love that tip.  Well, Saturday from 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. they have an exhibit "This is Your Life, Louis Braille." According to their website, you can "meet the inventor of the code used worldwide by the blind to read and write, in person! Visitors from Braille's past, including his family, childhood friends, and teachers, will tell us the stories behind this talented musician, and inventor who was blind since the age of six. Celebrate his birthday with some distinctly French refreshments." This event is free and open to the public but space is limited so registration is required. Call 502-899-2213 or email kcarpenter@aph.org to register. It's for all ages.

Sunday: Be a hometown tourist and visit the Louisville Slugger Museum.  They have a new exhibit called "Pinball to Pixels" that I think kids and parents will enjoy together.  Kids love video games and these are retro, classic, blast from the past.  It runs through the end of February. Adults $12, Seniors (60+) $11, Kids (6-12) $7, Free for Kids 5 & under .  Sunday 11am–5pm (Monday–Saturday 9am–5pm)

Have a fabuLOUs weekend,

Spring Consignment Sales in and Around Louisville - 2014

Click here for the latest sale info

Thanks for visiting LouFamFun!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Music lessons and/or options for children in and around Louisville, KY

 photo IMG_4320_zps21f3858a.jpg

Children's Music Academy - Check out a free introductory class through this local business located in Prospect. Call 502-648-6003 for more information.

Community Music Program at University of Louisville - Take lessons in all types of musical instruments as well as voice lessons. Contact 502-852-5607 for more information.

Gittli Music Studios - A small studio located in Jeffersontown that offers a small offering of music lessons, mainly in piano, guitar, and strings. Contact 502-267-5803 for more information.

Heartland Music Together - A sponsor of LouisvilleFamilyFun.net, and one of the most familiar music/parent-child singalong programs for young children in Louisville, you can't go wrong with them! Contact for more information. Check out a past review here.

Jimmy's Music Center - Located in New Albany, Indiana, they offer private music lessons for almost any instrument. Call 812-945-8044 for more information.

Louisville Leopard Percussionists - An outstanding group of children who perform percussion. I'm going to personally look into how to get involved and join this group as I'm not quite sure what their requirements are. Contact them via their form on their website or through their Facebook page.

Louisville School of Rock - Offers private lessons and band lessons for all ages, including songwriting, according to their website. They also invite you to check them out during their office hours Mon-Wed 3:30pm-8:30pm. Contact 502-266-5552 or contact them via Facebook.

Louisville Youth Orchestra - For more advanced students who are already playing in their school's musical instructional program, looking for more opportunities to play instrumentally. Contact 502-896-1851 for more information

Mom's Music - They are touted as being Louisville's home for music education for beginners to advanced. I personally have a young child who is fascinated with drums at the age of 2 and I am eyeing this established local business for the future! I have also heard their amazing young musical groups perform at various libraries in the past and can vouch for their talent and skill! Call 502-897-3304 for more information or find them on Facebook.

Music Go Round - Individual instructors' contact information is available by asking at the counter or calling the store. My daughter rents her violin from here and I became aware of the information they provide through our rental. Call 502-495-2199. Located at 3640 S. Hurstbourne Pkwy.

Musicteachers.net - An online searchable database in which parents can locate a teacher who specializes in the instrumental instruction you are seeking for your child. Search by city or zip code and compare teachers and prices in the area.

Musical Milestones - This musical program begins with introducing babies from 4 months-20 months into the world of music. Class age ranges move up from there from 2 years to 6 years where children grow in their musical knowledge, skill, and ear for music components. There is a group piano class for children 5-7 years. Call 502-819-4214 for more information.

Notable Beginnings - According to their website, this music school located just outside of the Highlands offers lessons on brass, woodwinds, strings, guitar, and piano, as well as offers the MusikGarten program for babies-preschoolers. Call 502-891-8898 for more information.

Shine Music Together - Another children's music program which implements the Music Together curriculum. Shine operates out of Shine Wellness Studio in the Nulu neighborhood on East Market Street. Call 502-442-2843 for more information.

Suzuki Stars Music Academy - Offering violin, viola, cello, guitar, flute and piano in private and group classes. Offering Suzuki Steps Baby/Toddler Classes for Ages 0-3. Call 502-654-7872 or 502-639-7272 Located at 3415 Bardstown Road Suite 308A.
  Suzuki Steps - Baby/Toddler Music Classes. Call 502-639-7272 for more information. Read our review here.

Takelessons.com - Use their search options to find local teachers who teach a variety of options including singing, violin, guitar, bass guitar, piano, and drums.

Tiemann Academy of Music - Contact 502-253-1493 for more information.

Willis Music - This music store on Hurstbourne Parkway offers a variety of instruments for sale or rental, but also provides customers with personal music lessons and contacts for private instructors as well. Another great resource if you're looking for a recommendation. Contact 502-426-1818 for more information.

Please call ahead and find out more about these offerings. This post is intended to inform parents of options available as they inquire about music opportunities and extension for their children.

By guest contributor: Erin

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Exploring Kentucky: A highlighted family guide for 2014

My family and I want to explore so much in our own beautiful state of Kentucky. It seems overwhelming sometimes though to try and pick the obscure little places you'd like to see, or the historical sites to learn about for the history buffs in you, or the action-packed places that will fill your active family's lifestyle.

This is a month-by-month guide, if you will, for families to get out and explore the little nuances that make Kentucky, Kentucky. I want to help you discover new little cities and towns throughout our state that you may never have heard of, may have thought "is that where that is I always wondered that", and make a point to delve into a new site or spot each month throughout this coming year. There are also many ideas located on Kentucky Tourism. Here we go!

 photo IMG_1966_zps133eed8d.jpgJanuary - Explore the Northern Kentucky corridor. There is this really neat looking place inside of a toy store in Covington, KY that I have been wanting to visit for years. It's called Totter's Otterville. With a 10-year-old and a 2-year-old, we are definitely checking it out hopefully soon. Since it's just so cold in January, this sounds like a great new place to check out that's indoors and makes a nice day trip outing. I think there is something there for that range of children, but much older than 10, they will probably be a little bored. Adults are free, children's admission prices are $7.95 (for ages 1 and up). I have seen coupons listed on the website. Northern Kentucky has LOTS to choose from for families, including a lot in Covington, Mainstrasse Village, as well as Newport, KY. From our friends at Family-Friendly Cincinnati: must visit downtown Cincinnati. There is so much to do. From visiting Sawyer Point, Washington Park or Smale Riverfront Park, to Cincinnati Reds and Bengals games, a visit to the Greater Cincinnati Fire Museum or OTR or The Banks for lunch, there is so much to do. You could spend multiple days trying to enjoy all that the downtown Cincinnati area has to offer.

 photo IMG_6685.jpgFebruary - Go south for the winter. South of Elizabethtown is the Mammoth Cave area, and Cave City where Dinosaur World is. When we're traveling south to Georgia or Florida, we always see the huge dinosaur towering over the highway. Another place for my family to check out this coming year, as they are open 364 days of the year (closed on Christmas Day).

March - Head a few miles southwest over to Hodgenville. Visit the Abraham Lincoln National Birthplace site. This place is it for the history-seekers in your family! We can't wait to finally check it out this coming year.

April - Let's trek over to Elizabetown, Kentucky this month. Most of you who have kids in school have a spring break this month. Spend a day of it in this quaint town, which seems to be getting bigger and bigger all the time. There is a great park here that looks fabulous to spend an afternoon, it's called Freeman Lake Park. There's also a really cool playground called Funtopia.

 photo IMG_1565.jpgMay - This is a great time of year to explore outdoors. Check out some of the beautiful Kentucky State Parks this month. Go to Natural Bridge, Cumberland Falls State Resort Park (where I am determined to see that moonbow at Cumberland Falls) Old Fort Harrod State Park, Olympia State Forest, Mammoth Cave National Park, Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park, & Daniel Boone National Forest, just to name a few.

 photo lb_zpse10b4622.jpgJune - Perhaps you're looking for a quick 3 or 4 day weekend trip away to somewhere you haven't been in Kentucky? Look no further than the Land Between the Lakes region near Paducah, Kentucky. My family visited here a few years ago and we had an absolute blast at Lake Barkley. Read about it here.

July - Carrollton, Kentucky is a small little town that many of our acquaintances have told us is a neat place to go for a day. Here you can visit the Butler-Turpin House on the grounds of General Butler State Resort Park and the Kentucky Veterans Memorial. There are many historic homes and buildings to see, and you can have a picnic at Point Park, where the Ohio and Kentucky Rivers meet. There's also a tiny town called Williamsburg which is home to Kentucky Splash Water Park. Whenever we are traveling that way, we always see the exit sign for this and think, we should check this out in the summer! I think we finally will. A great place to venture for the active family lifestyles!

August - Go west young man (family)! Try to explore some of the Kentucky areas that are in the western part of the state. The Kentucky Tourism website describes this area as the Western Waterlands. Explore Paducah, KY, rich in history where you can learn more about it through a walking tour of their historic downtown. You can also visit the National Quilt Museum, take in some lessons from Kentucky's largest Amish community, and shop antique malls. Another city out west is Bowling Green, home of Western Kentucky University and the National Corvette Museum. Worth checking into if you have race car fans in your family!

September - Check out the eastern portion of Kentucky this month. The "Eastern Appalachians" is a gorgeous part of the state with a richness and great variety of things to see. In this area you can stay at Carter Caves State Resort Park, see Broke Leg Falls (part of Red River Gorge), and experience arts and history that is renowned in the Kentucky Appalachians. You can tour caves and ride some of the best horse trails in Kentucky. The Kentucky Coal Museum sounds like a fantastic place to visit as well.

 photo breyerfest5_zps995bea8f.jpgOctober - Instead of heading to the normal spots we Louisvillians always head to in autumn, why not make the trip 70 miles east to Lexington, KY. There is A LOT to do in Lexington, from the Kentucky Horse Park, to the Explorium, to the UK Arboretum-where there is a beautiful children's garden. Our LexFun4Kids friends say this place is spectacular to visit during spring, summer, and fall. During fall break, why not check it out. Another place to visit is McConnell Springs, which has a great walking area and nature center and is the birthplace of Lexington. Stop in Frankfort on your way or make a 2 day trip out of it. Salato Wildlife in Frankfort is a must see. Visit our capital city and really delve into the history of Kentucky!

November - We have a London, KY, a Paris, KY, and other small towns like Hopkinsville, Berea, Georgetown, and Owensboro. What's there to do in these tiny cities named after huge metropolises? Lots of shopping, walking tours, parks, and history to be taken in. Berea is a certified Kentucky cultural district, Hopkinsville is home to the Robert Penn Warren Birthplace Museum, Georgetown has a wonderful fall apple festival, and Owensboro is known as Kentucky's Festival City!

December - Ever heard of Harrodsburg? I've heard of it, but did not realize how much history there is in this Kentucky town. It's the first permanent English settlement west of the Allegheny Mountains, founded in 1774. Seven miles from Harrodsburg is Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. History seekers-you found it here. My family also loves to visit Bardstown, KY and it makes a nice little day trip to do during winter break. There, you can ride the well-known dinner train, Also another cute little town to stop in is Glendale, KY. There are always lots of holiday events going on during this time of year, and we like to dine at The Whistle Stop Cafe, where the train tracks run right outside the windows of the restaurant.

Our mommy blogging friends in Lexington (Lex Fun 4 Kids), Elizabethtown (Elizabethtown Family) and Northern Kentucky (Family Friendly Cincinnati) also have lots of great tips on their websites, so when you're visiting these areas check out their blogs!

Now --> Go Explore Kentucky, and catch the Unbridled Spirit!

By guest contributor: Erin

Monday, January 20, 2014

KaZoing! Party & Play Birthday Parties for Half Off! Plus a Discount Coupon Code

We are excited to give you an awesome opportunity to save on a birthday party for your child at one of our favorite places, KaZoing! Party & Play.

All KaZoing! Parties Included: party host, party invitations, paper plates, napkins, forks and fun are all included.

LouFamFun has the following parties to sell at half price in limited quantities (as listed).
Scroll all the way through to see ALL of the options
To purchase, click "buy now" below the party you want to purchase.
*All Sales Final*
All Half Price Parties purchased through LouFamFun Expire: 10-1-2014
See coupon code at the bottom.

Monday –Thursday parties

Boing parties $195 value each - 2 available through LouFamFun for $97.50 each- SOLD OUT
 photo kazoingpartyimage_zpsd1fc438d.jpg"This room contains five giant interactive inflatable play structures Louisville’s largest indoor private party with 5 huge inflatables including Safari Challenge, a 52-foot obstacle course, a 2-story slide, a sports arena, a 31-foot long basketball arena, and Rush Hour — a maze that kids “drive” cars through. Kids love it! 1 1/2 hours jumping privately in our Boing! inflatable room followed by 30 minutes in your private party room. 2 hour party for up to 25 friends (parents always welcome)" 

Jolt parties $150 value each - 4 available through LouFamFun for $75 each  SOLD OUT
"This room contains three fun and interactive inflatables to amaze kids. The JOLT arena is in our newest wing which includes a large party room and adjoining bathrooms. 1 hour jumping privately in our JOLT arena followed by 30 minutes in your private party room. 1 1/2 hour party for up to 15 friends (parents always welcome)"

Tot-Jolt Parties $195 value each - 2 available through LouFamFun for $97.50 each SOLD OUT
"Tot Lot/JOLT: 1 hour of jumping in our JOLT inflatable arena followed by 1 hour in the Tot Lot area which includes your time the party room. 20 friends included." 

 photo kazoingpartyimage2_zps3fc90569.jpg
Art-Jump Party $259 value - 1 available through LouFamFun for $129.50  SOLD OUT
"Our most popular combination party! Have a blast in our giant inflatables for 45 minutes followed by a full Art Party of your choice. Try something new and different. Our interactive art projects let kids play with the masterpieces they create.2 hour party for up to 20 friends" See their website for our huge theme selection!
Buy now button removed: SOLD OUT

Monday – Friday parties

Glamour Parties**: "Remember when you were young and used to play dress up out of your grandma’s closet? Well here at KaZoing! we designed a place for your girls to be able to do that away from home. Our glamour studio is home to around 400 different costume pieces, stations for your girls to get a fun hair style, glamorous make-up, and beautifully colored nails." 

 photo kazoingpartyimage3_zps4667773f.jpgGlamour Party = $199 value each - 2 available through LouFamFun for $99.50 each
Choose from Dancing Divas, Supermodel or Princess Glamour Parties, 12 friends included. Details here.

Glamour Tea Party = $279 value (served by 2 princesses!) - 1 available through LouFamFun for $139.50   SOLD OUT
"Tea & treats served by our royal princess characters will delight any child. 2 hours, 12 friends included"

**For every glamour party they suggest each girl brings their own favorite party shoes. The glamour studio can accommodate a maximum of 20 friends in the party, but there will be a $9.95 fee per additional guest over the guest count included with your party package.

All Half Price Parties purchased through LouFamFun Expire: 10-1-2014
The Party must take place by 10-1-2014.

-Food, drinks, added services and additional guests are extra.
-Please mention this certificate when reserving your event.
-Excludes Parties on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. (glamour parties include Fridays)
-Expires 10-1-2014
-The certificate may not be combined with other offers or specials.
-Specific questions about the parties should be direct to KaZoing!  502-412-1500

All Sales FINAL
To ask LouFamFun a question, email info@louisvillefamilyfun.net

Didn't buy one or finding this post after we are sold out?  We have a coupon code for you.  Just call KaZoing! at 502-412-1500 and use the code LOUFAMFUN when booking your party and save $25 on Monday-Thursday parties, may not be combined with other offers. This offer is only available when booking over the phone and expires 8-1-14.  

Contest! $50 Gift Card to Toys R Us courtesy of Primrose School of East Louisville

 photo EastLouisvilleHorizontalStackedGreenTLIECWebsitePhone_zps5504706c.jpg
Primrose partners with parents to help children build the right foundation for future learning and life, and offers an environment that helps children have fun while nurturing Active Minds, Healthy Bodies and Happy Hearts®

Their vision is to deliver the best and most trusted early childhood education and child care services for families across America. Our Primrose Balanced Learning System delivers high-quality educational services that support children's development as well-rounded individuals. This effort to nurture children into becoming balanced adults proves to be a primary reason that parents choose Primrose. Their school serves children from 6 weeks to private Pre-Kindergarten, Before and After School programming, Half-day programs and Summer Camp. They anticipate their school opening June 2014.
 photo primrose_zpscf08a0d1.jpg
They are having an informational meeting for parents on January 30th at 6pm.

They are so excited to meet Louisville parents that they are sponsoring this contest for a $50 gift card to Toys R Us!

Good luck!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

WINNER! Shine Wellness Studio Class Punch Card

 photo shinelogo_zps79513f2e.pngShine is a wellness studio devoted to nurturing a graceful life through movement, music and fun. Their offerings are designed to bring health and well-being to the spirit, mind, and body of all who come to Shine. They offer Movement classes for all ages – from itsy bitsy babies all the way to 99 – including Yoga, Nia, Pilates, Hooping, Feldenkrais and more. Shine’s movement classes are warm and friendly, always encouraging you to move in your Body’s Way and to discover and nurture your Sacred Athlete within.

Their Music offerings center on Music Together – a research-based, internationally recognized Early Childhood Music & Movement Development program for children ages birth - 7 years old and the grownups who love them. Every week they host Fun workshops and playshops.

Last week - we held a contest to win a 5 class punch card with $65 that will allow you to try some of their classes!

The winner is Deanne Goertz
To claim, please email info@louisvillefamilyfun.not from the email address with which you entered the contest.

Introducing the LouFamFun Writers!

 photo IMG_0238_zpsfdaac77f.jpg

Stephanie ~~ Stephanie is the co-founder of LouFamFun and chief officer of this funtastic website.  Stephanie also works full time as a Community Engagement Manager for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana.  She's the mom of 2 kids and her husband is very grateful for all of the other LouFamFun writers because now she isn't the only one running around doing everything and writing about it! 

Erin ~~ Momma to two, ages 11 and 3. I am an introvert who turns extrovert when you put me in front of an audience of 3-year-olds and give me a funny book like The Doghouse by Jan Thomas. I'm a librarian. I've lived in Louisville for over 25 years and am on a quest to discover every hidden gem in this city.

Maggie ~~ Maggie is a Louisville native with a passion for fun, travel, and homegrown tomatoes. Her husband and their two boys like to spend their time at The Parklands searching for the Pope Lick Monster when they’re not working in the garden.

Brandy ~~  Brandy is the Content Manager for LFF. She is also a chauffeur to two busy kids. She was born in Dallas, TX, but went to high school and college in Louisville. She loves the size of Louisville and have fun exploring it with her husband, son and daughter!

Caryn ~~ She's been writing with LouisvilleFamilyFun.net since August of 2011. Caryn moved to Louisville from North Carolina in 2009 with her husband, son, and daughter. She works full time outside the home, but enjoys running around doing all sorts of family fun activities in the surrounding areas, and telling you all about them!

Lauren ~~ Lauren is a Louisville native, born and raised!  She has been married for over six years and is in her seventh year as an elementary school teacher in JCPS.  She is the mother of a two and a half year old spunky little girl.  She is responsible for our directories, like the preschool and camp directories!

Karen ~~A 26-yr native of Michigan, my husband and I moved to Louisville in 2005. We have 2 children, a boy (7), and a girl (4), who are the center of our universe, and whom keep us very busy. We lead an active lifestyle, juggling work, kids' school, sports, and social events, and also enjoy traveling, physical fitness, and outdoor recreation - especially in the summer months.

Nicolle ~~ Nicolle is the content manager for OldhamFamilyFun.net and write on LFF. She is a stay-at-home mom with two kids, ages 2 and 6. She found LFF shortly after making the decision to stay home and has been a loyal follower ever since. She grew up overseas in an Air Force family, so exploring new places and taking on adventures with her family comes naturally. Her saving graces are the YMCA and her MOPS group!

Dana ~~ Dana is a stay at home mom to three goofballs. She moved around quite a bit growing up, but Louisville has been her permanent hometown since 2003. Although she's a new writer to Louisville Family Fun, her family loves being “on assignment” and exploring. She's always looking for new things to do with the kids, especially in Oldham County. She loves working out at the Y (and can’t wait until it starts showing) and hosting craft nights (even though most of the time it looks her 3 year old took over the craft)!

Kimberly ~~ Kimberly is the content manager for ShelbyFamilyFun.net and also writes for LFF. She was born and raised in Louisville. After their first child was born, Kimberly started following LFF soon afterwards. Her family moved to Taylorsville. They love living in "the country", but still travel to Louisville almost daily. Kimberly taught with JCPS for seven years, but took a leave to be at home with her girls. Their days consist of reading, playing games, dress-up time with fashion shows, and lots of Barbies! We are always looking for new activities or fun events, and LFF is a great resource to find them.

Kelly ~~ Kelly is our newest writer for LFF. She is a wife and mother of 2 boys. She works outside the home as a part time Pediatric Occupational Therapist and has lived in the South End of Louisville her whole life. She enjoys exploring the city and experiencing it through the eyes of her children.

Christine ~~ Christine is a 30 something who loves to have fun, live life, and be with her friends/ family. She works full time for InsiderLouisville and also owns her own event planning/social media company called 502 Social. She's a Girl Scout leader of a wonderful troop. She's a proud Aunt, spoiling her nephews and nieces all the time.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Things to do this weekend around Louisville - January 17,18,19

Wasn't it lovely this week with some warmer weather? I actually went for a walk outside.....with no gloves! But, it is that time of year when you just never know.  Welcome to Louisville.

It's a good thing there's so many options around this wonderful city and that you have me, your trusty online mommy friend, that you can turn to for some suggestions.  And, I don't take this job lightly. I ponder these picks and consider cost, diversity of options, weather, ages and all to make sure I present the best ideas!

If you are on Pinterest - be sure to follow this board we have created for the best LouFamFun stuff!

Here are the picks:

Friday - Crafty Kids!
In the morning, if you are hanging out with a toddler, why not hang out with other moms and toddlers at Mama's Hip? They have toddler art for $10. It's for kids ages 1-4, adult participation is required. They also have a Toddler Fun Class Card you can buy and use and it's less cost per class!

Do you have a child that's crazy about the Rainbow Loom? I was at Michael's (Springhurst) last week and saw a flyer saying they have a meet-up Friday nights from 6-8pm. It said "Grab your Rainbow Loom, rubber bands and friends, and head to Michael's. Meet new friends, learn from fellow rainbow loomers, share your skills. $5 for two hours of crafting fun. Ages 6 and up."  Before you go, pop into The Parent-Teacher Store & Toys Too! and do a little shopping - we love them.

Saturday - Learn something!
 photo IMG_7250_zpsc7a0ff9e.jpgIt's Squirrel Day at The Parklands of Floyds Fork. It's all FREE! We love FREE! Starting at 10am and ending at 2pm, they have activities like: nest building, a “We’re going on a squirrel hunt” early childhood outdoor activity, a Squirrel Habitat Hikes along the Sycamore Trail/Black Willow Trail, an awesome Flying Squirrel Meet and Greet with Second Chances Wildlife Center and an outdoor food storage strategy game. Plus, they have a squirrel Scavenger Hunt in Beckley Creek Park. The schedule and info can be found here. It's FREE but they want you to register.

Sunday - Exercising fun!
Have you been ice skating yet this winter?  The Jeffersonville Ice Skating Rink (outdoors!) is still open (through January 26) and I think the weather on Sunday will be cold enough for you to get that outdoor skating experience but not too cold to be torture, ha!  It's open noon-9pm and details are here.  Awesome for tweens and teens especially.

Have a fabuLOUs weekend!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

LouFamFun Volunteer Challenge - January

In 2013, the LouFamFun writers took on a challege - each month they planned a family activity or set of things to do and the goal was to spend under $10.  You can search "$10 Challenge" on the top left of our page to see some of these ideas.  This year, we are taking on a new challenge.  We will have a monthly feature called the "LouFamFun Volunteer Challenge."  These will be posts by various writers to give you some new ideas for volunteering with your family.   You are busy, let us find all of the information so you can decide as a family how you can give back in 2014.


 photo PurpleBBBSLogo-websize_zps140840d9.jpgFor January, I am highlighting one of my favorite organizations, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana because starting soon, they will have a big fundraising push through the Bowl for Kids Sake.  You can help them by........bowling!  Who doesn't like to bowl?!?

When I was a teacher, I worked in an at-risk high school in Dallas and the desperation I saw in those kids was something I will not forget.  They were mostly 17 and 18 year old kids looking for another chance and I think, if they had more support, more attention, more positive role models when they were young and developing their values, they would have a better chance.  That's what BBBS is giving our local kids, that role model and those positive experiences.
 photo BBBSbowlforkidssake_zps1a3bf361.png
Basically, Bowl for Kids’ Sake is an easy way to make a difference. 100% of the money raised goes directly toward benefiting "littles" through matches - the expenses are covered by the BBBS corporate sponsors.  Everyone can get involved as a bowler on a team of family members, friends or co-workers; or as a sponsor. All of the info is right here. Not only will your participation help them, but it will help you and your family as well. You will foster a spirit of teamwork, it give you something to look forward to annually as a way to continuously give back and it's FUN! The kids won't feel like.....oh man, mom and dad are dragging us out to do THAT again.

This is how it works:
• Form a team: your family, your neighbors, friends, co-workers, church members - you need 5 or 6
• Fill out a Commitment Worksheet, choose a fund raising event or customize your own and specify your  
   preferred date (included in packet)
• Assign a Chief Bowling Officer to facilitate event planning and team recruitment (See “Chief Bowling 
  Officer Checklist” flyer)
• Reserve your lanes! - Contact Kevin Wilson, kevin.wilson@bbbsky.org and phone number is (502) 587-0494.
• Set-up teams and personal fund raising pages at www.BowlForKidsSake.com
• Start securing sponsorships and fundraising.
• After you have secured your sponsorships, it's time to have fun and bowl! You'll receive two free
   games of bowling (shoe and ball rental included!), a Bowl for Kids' Sake t-shirt, food, drinks, chances to
   win door prizes!

BBBS of Kentuckiana serves over 1,500 matches. Of the 200 children they currently serve in Louisville’s “West End:” 86 have 1 or both parents that are incarcerated and 145 are on free or reduced lunch. According to the 2009 Adult Little Study, BBBS made a significant impact on the lives of former Littles, therefore helping to break the cycle of violence and to rebuild our local economy by offering a program that significantly increases the likelihood of success for at risk children in our community.

You can help, through bowling, of all things!  They give you everything you need to start rallying your team to raise money, get sponsors and then bowl.....for kids sake.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Review of Sky Zone Birthday Parties

 photo IMG_0950_zps355bb33f.jpgRecently we had my daughter's fifth birthday party at Sky Zone in Jeffersontown. It is located in the industrial park off of Blankenbaker Parkway.  We had a Thursday evening party that began at 6pm and ended at 7:30 pm. The party was $160 for 10 guests and $16 for each additional guest.

The party that we chose included two one-topping pizzas,  three choices of beverages that they would provide unlimited during the party and one hour of jumping. They also assigned us two party attendants who decorated the room, served all the food and assisted with everything. These attendants showed all of the kids the rules before jumping, helped kids with the special jumping shoes and helped with the opening of presents.

For parties, they suggest having guests arrive half an hour early to make sure there is enough time to put on the shoes and that everybody has their waiver signed by a parent.  It all went very smoothly. The staff put all of the presents and all of the kids items like jackets and other shoes on a cart and wheeled them in to the party room that we were assigned to. Everything was very organized. 

 photo IMG_0963_zpsc2ab9506.jpgWe chose a Thursday night because the pricing with a little bit less and I figured it would be less busy.  I have never been to Sky Zone on a weekend but I've heard they sell out of jump times and I didn't want my daughters party going on with a ton of other people there.  We definitely made the right decision because we basically had the whole place to ourselves. For little ones, I thought this was really important so if you're interested in the Sky Zone birthday party, a weeknight might be the way to go. 

While jumping, the kids got really thirsty because of all the great exercise. They give the party parent a card so that all of the staff knows that the kids are with a party and if kids want drinks, you just showed a card and they'll bring out water and cups for the kids. The kids jumped like crazy for one hour on the trampolines, the foam pit, the basketball area and dodge ball court.  My daughter had so much fun with her friends! 
 photo IMG_0979_zpsce39100a.jpg

 photo IMG_0994_zps8ea59004.jpgAfter one hour jumping we went into the party room that was all set up with plates cups and decorated. They have a huge chalk board and wrote my daughters name on it. The kids all sat at a long picnic table and the party hosts brought all of them food, drinks and snacks. I brought snacks like pretzels and chips to go along with the pizza - you're allowed to do that, you just can't bring in other main dish items like your own pizza. The party hosts cleaned up as the party went on and when most of the kids were done with their food, they offered the kids cupcakes and cake. They were in a very cheerful mood, always talking to my daughter with such excitement about her birthday and letting her go first. The party host got everybody to sing happy birthday and it was such a nice party! 

Very quickly at the end of the party we were able to squeeze in opening up presents. The party host wrote down all of the gifts on a list. We gave out goody bags as the kids left and everyone had big smiles on their faces and loved the party at Sky Zone. It was also amazing to see that pretty much by the time I turned around the party host had already cleaned up the room they were very diligent workers. 

I have heard many people say that they think the parties at Sky Zone are expensive. I can understand that if you want to have a party of lots and lots of kids, paying the price per child is going to get very expensive. However, if you limit it to 10 kids, $160 for an hour and a half party with such exercise, fun, giggles, food and the fact that they set it up with all the utensils and do everything (cleaning!!) - that's a good price!  We had a great turnout for the party on a Thursday night so I don't think parents mind and evening weekday party.

No complaints. My husband was quite pleased that he got to stand there and watch the kids while the party attendants did everything :)