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Monday, June 30, 2014

U-Pick Strawberry Picking at Gallrein Farms in Shelbyville, KY

 photo Strawberryfield_zpse73507ad.jpgThe beginning of warmer weather always makes us want to get outside and also enjoy a tasty cool treat! Strawberry picking at Gallrein Farms allowed us to do both! Their website states that their strawberry season starts mid-May and ends Mid-June. Once we heard that u-pick season started, we planned our visit to the Shelbyville Farm.

 photo Elinpointing_zpsba4bdfea.jpgWe arrived at the farm early on a Friday morning so we could beat the heat. We were given buckets to use and directions on how to find the right field. The strawberry field was just around the corner from the greenhouse where we got our buckets, so it was a short walk. There were already a few people picking and while we were there several more people arrived. The fields are plenty big, so you never feel like you are on top of others.

We spent about thirty minutes picking our strawberries. The rows are easy to maneuver through and perfect for small children to join in on the picking. My two year old got a kick out of pointing out all of the “bewwies” in the fields and also taste-testing a couple strawberries along the way. (Gallrein Farms’ Facebook page states that although they are not a certified organic farm, they do not spray their strawberries.)

We returned to the greenhouse to have our strawberries weighed. Gallrein Farms charges $1.99/lb for u-pick strawberries. The kids got a kick out of seeing the scale numbers move based on how much they picked. They brainstormed all the different ways we could cook using our fresh strawberries.

 photo strawberryshortcake_zpsb3f6dc91.jpgBefore planning our trip, I saw a picture of Gallrein’s strawberry shortcake on their Facebook page. It looked divine! I knew we had to try one from their newly expanded bakery menu while we were at the farm. We ordered one strawberry shortcake for us to share. The bakery was in the process of making the cakes, so we waited for a bit for our order. There was plenty of indoor and outdoor seating on this particular morning. Luckily my kids were willing to stay in their chairs indoors because we waited quite a while for our dessert, but it was worth the wait! The cake was hot and the strawberries with the whipped cream were so fresh and delicious!

After devouring our dessert, we played on the grounds for a bit. There is plenty of space to run off the strawberry shortcake! The animals were unavailable during our visit because they are in the process of building a new educational barn and petting zoo. We are looking forward to another visit when it opens!

If you missed strawberry season, don’t fret, this farm is fun during other seasons, too! Check out their farm calendar for more information; rumor has it they have some pretty great sweet corn for summer cookouts!

By guest contributor: Nicolle

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Review of Blaze Pizza in Louisville, KY

 photo 20140615_193717_zpsbe541859.jpg
Allison was given a pizza voucher for purpose of review.

My family and I had the opportunity to give Blaze Fire’d Pizza a try, in fact we ventured in on Father’s day. We were taking a big risk with our kiddos going in when we did, because we had already worn the kids out and it was just about bedtime.

We walked in, and hopped in a relatively short line. On the menu board there are a few specialty pizza choices and the option for a build your own pizza. The most expensive pizza tops out at 7.95 with unlimited toppings. 

You order “Subway” style, starting with the type of pizza sauce that you want, they have several sauce choices including a white sauce. The only tricky part that happened in the assembly line type ordering was that my 5 year old just wanted pineapple and ham on his pizza, and they were unable to write that on the paper that accompanies your pizza. As a result of this, I was having to keep up with his pizza in the line and then get back to my own pizza and I felt a little frazzled.

We paid for our pizzas, 4 pizzas and 4 drinks ended up being $39 and some change. I was surprised that my husband didn’t freak out about that, but he didn’t. He said paying for a fast casual meal that made all 4 of us happy was worth it in his book. 

 photo 20140615_194838_zps5b76c908.jpg
 photo 20140615_194913_zps00551357.jpgAfter paying, getting our drinks, and finding a table to sit, our name was called to go collect the pizzas. Everyone was really pleased that we all got to have the toppings that we wanted on our pizzas (it eliminated the fighting portion of pizza ordering). The best part? There were no meltdowns, no kids that were tired of waiting for food and then not eating because they were "done" by the time the food came (don’t tell me I am the only one that has this happen).

All in all we had a fantastic experience and I think that it will soon become a favorite spot for my family. 

By guest contributor: Allison

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Picks for Things to Do this Weekend around Louisville: June 27,28,29

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 photo LMQ_zpsb9e8f632.jpgand  photo paintnparty_zpsdfea2dbe.jpg

Have you started the a summer reading program with you children?  Tune in and learn more about it:

 photo Untitleddesign1_zps6a8af730.png

Prep for 4th of July fun by checking our list here

What's going on this weekend?  Let me pick some fun............

Those little ones need a place to burn off energy and you won't have to slather on sunscreen?  At 10:30am, My Gym (Middletown) offers play time that open to anyone.  It's free for their member and $5 for non-members.  There's also a My Gym deal on our deals page!

And, in the evening, the Chick-fil-A in Fern Creek (Glenmary) is having a summer bash - freebies, food, bouncies.  Click here for details.

Beat the heat and do some art to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana - we'll be there.  Super cool branch weaving and painting classes for kids, fun evening class for adults.  Food is included and you can save 20% with the code LFF.  See details here.  I work for BBBS, this is near and dear to me :) Register online to save, you can pay at the door but there will be no discount.

Learn some history and head to the Falls of The Ohio State Park (also on Saturday) for Clark Days from 10am-4pm. Reenactors, guest speakers, cabin tours and more. I love that place!

Have a fabuLOUs weekend,

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Review of KaZoing! Party and Play Birthday Parties in Louisville, KY

 photo DSC_1639_zpsae95f44b.jpg photo DSC_1679_zps0558e762.jpgRecently, we had my daughter’s third birthday party at Kazoing Party & Play! I seriously debated having a week night birthday, but had heard some other people say it worked well, so we gave it a shot because we got a great deal. The weeknight idea worked great and we absolutely loved a birthday party at Kazoing! We’d been there a few times for open play, but never for a birthday party. We were very impressed and had zero complaints! It was fantastic!

We arrived 15 minutes early, as requested. The host was there to help us get things ready, from setting up the tables with forks and napkins (both of which were provided), to helping with getting chips in bowls and preparing for guests.

 photo DSC_1668_zps5289ca3b.jpgOnce guests started arriving, we had an hour to play (that was the package we chose, but there are quite a few options, so check out their website). The kids had an amazing time, running around and playing in all the bouncies, playing air hockey, and riding on the mini motorcycles. We had 3 bouncies in the Jolt room (the smaller of the two), which included a regular bouncie with a cake on the top, an obstacle course, and a giant slide. The host did a great job of watching the children and playing with them as well.

After our play time, we had a half an hour to eat cake and open presents. Again, the host was great with cutting the cake (with the servers they provided) and helping to pass out chips and other snacks to people. While opening presents, she wrote down who all the presents were from. She was always very pleasant and knew how to help before even being asked. The half an hour was the perfect amount of time, although if we had done the party at a time where lunch or dinner was involved, we definitely would have needed more time.

When it was time for everyone to leave, the host continued to help with clean up and packing up everything. Our first two birthdays with our daughter were at our house, so we were responsible for everything. At this one, it was almost as if we were responsible for nothing. It was so nice to able to enjoy the evening and know that everything would be taken care of. The kids all had an absolute blast and our friends kept talking about how much fun their children had. I would highly recommend birthday parties at Kazoing!

By guest contributor: Lauren

Monday, June 23, 2014

Top 10 Southern Indiana Cities for Families to Visit

 photo 875b68ed-67ab-4ee9-acfc-7b2a1f52ac37_zpsaa270f82.png

The following is a compilation of ten Southern Indiana cities for families to visit for lots of relaxation, family fun, and sites to see together! These are in no particular order. (Well, they are alphabetical!)
  • Bedford is a great cultural-filled town, with things to do like theater, wineries, history, museums, local fruit markets and farms, a world famous doll factory, great parks and caverns, and a pretty cool covered bridge-the longest active covered bridge in Indiana. 
  • ClarksvilleJeffersonville/New Albany - Clarksville is home to Falls of the Ohio, a great waterfront park and walkway, Derby Dinner Playhouse for children's theater, and Widow's Walk Ice Creamery, which now rents bicycles to patrons! Read our review here. Jeffersonville and New Albany are bustling with small town charm as they grow their small towns with businesses, shops, and small eateries. Watch the making of old fashioned candy at Schimpff's Confectionery, dine at Adrienne's, walk from downtown Louisville to Jeffersonville on the Big 4 Bridge. Now is a great time to pay each of these SI cities a visit!
  • Brownstown boasts lots of quaint shops, good tree views in the fall, and horseback riding-tips from one of our writers who loves Southern Indiana!
  • Columbus- Visit this small artsy town for two main things: The Commons and historic Zaharako's Ice Cream Parlor. Those in themselves (along with a visit across the street to Kids Commons Museum- review coming soon!) will take up a day trip. We have a general review here, and we love Columbus so much we featured it in our Top 10 Day Trips! My family and I in particular went for two days over spring break last year and loved it.
  • Corydon is the first state capitol, thus it has a lot of history for the history buffs in the family. It also is home to Squire Boone Caverns and Old Capitol Jamboree, which were highly recommended by one of our writers.
  • French Lick has Big Splash Adventure (review here), and the French Lick Resort and Hotel is very nice, we have a review here. The French Lick Scenic Railway runs from here as well. There's plenty for families to do here and feel like you got away for a good while!
  • Madison - Here in Madison, Indiana, you can do SO many things. One recent tip from one of our readers: "Go to Clifty Falls during or right after a good rain. The falls are spectacular then!" My family visits Madison, Indiana about once or twice a year. We always find something fun to do together, even if it's just walking the quaint streets and window shopping. They have a slew of events on their website. Here's our review here.
  • Nashville (Brown County) - In this little piece of paradise about 80 or so miles from Louisville you can be as adventurous as you want (zip lines, hiking, horse back riding, mountain biking), or as laid back as you want (with trail walking, taking in the colors in fall, walking the quaint streets of historic sites and shops and eateries, etc.) We have a review of Brown County State Park here. See the Nashville, IN tourism site and the Brown County site as well.
  • Salem - What is there to do in Salem, Indiana? It's more of a history kind of town, with dedicated memorial museums, Pioneer Village, a genealogy and historical library, and a very cute town square with a great little places to eat. There are many lakes, a speedway, trails and parks, and a really cool gristmill! Check out their tourism site here.
  • Utica has this little hidden gem called the Hidden Hill Nursery; we recently reviewed it here
  • Honorable mentions: Charlestown - for Charlestown State Park and many festivities seasonally and the Indiana Cave Trail system looks great for the adventurous! A friend of mine told me to visit Franklin, Indiana too for the old theater and the Flying Frog Bed and Breakfast-maybe that can be a parent's overnighter away from the kids! See the Explore Southern Indiana website for more ideas.

By guest contributor: Erin

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Review of Kentucky Renaissance Festival in Eminence, KY

 photo king_zpsdb34cbec.jpgAfter seeing the Kentucky Renaissance Festival advertised year after year and wondering whether it was worth visiting, this year I did a little research and decided to take my family for a day trip. My 7 year old daughter loves fairies and history. I looked at some of the pictures online and decided that this might be a great adventure for her.

The Kentucky Renaissance Festival is located in Eminence, in Henry County, an easy 45 minutes from Louisville. The Festival is well marked and easy to find. As you approach the festival grounds, signs let you know that you are being transported to Scotland during the 14th century. Parking was easy and the entrance to the festival close by. Before entering the castle like gate into the main square you need to purchase tickets (you can also buy online). The price is $10 for adults and $5 for children(online). A weekend pass is also available for a little more. With your tickets, you are given a map and schedule of events. There is an unbelievable amount to see- the schedule was very helpful for us to plan our day. As you pass the castle gate, you are immediately transported into a bustling Medieval town, full of interesting characters (knights, wizards, squires, ladies and jesters) and many small stores selling clothes, jewelry, wands, offering face painting, hair styling and so much more). Everyone was in character and very warm and welcoming, particularly to the children to whom they gave magical stones and trinkets.

 photo knight_zps75fc8bef.jpgThe Town is divided into different areas. To the right of the main town you find Faewood, the dwelling of the Faeries of Faewood. We spent quite a bit of time in this area, watching the mischievous antics of the fairies during the Faerie tea, participating in a scavenger hunt, and the Faery naming ceremony in which the children are giving wings, a fairy name, and a certificate proclaiming them to be part of the Fae community. To the left side of the town, there is a children's area, which is comprised of a play area with a slide, some carnival games, a sand pit and multiple stage areas. In this area, our children were treated to a magic show, a puppet show, and a penny flute lesson. My son, who is 3 enjoyed the shows and thoroughly enjoyed the play area, my daughter enjoyed participating in the flute lesson. At the end of the flute lesson, the children marched through the woods and found themselves in front of the King's banquet. The King welcomed them in front of good size crowd and asked them to play a song. The children we applauded with a loud "Huzzah" and told to keep their flute (they were also given a CD of music) and encouraged to keep on learning.

The Town Inn sells food (hamburgers, chicken tenders, but also scotch eggs, fish and chips, and Shepherd's pie, cheese plates and other options) and beer. The food was a little pricey, and the quality not overwhelming, although the scotch eggs were particularly good! The best part of eating here was the live entertainment- pub singing and sing a longs happen all day long.

 photo fae_zps82ce4a3d.jpgAround town, you will also find stages where actors are performing plays- we particularly enjoyed the "Nuttin' but Mud" play and would love to return to see some of the other ones. There is so much to see here, it's hard to see it all in a day. We caught a glimpse of the Maypole and the Royal parade, but the highlight of the day was the Joust. The atmosphere of the Joust was thrilling and we were all impressed by the knights and their spectacle. We left at the end of a wonderful day. It was magical and so much fun for the whole family. One day however was not enough and we plan to return before the end of the season so that we can enjoy some of the other events. The festival runs from the end of May through the early July annually. You can find more information on their website: http://www.kyrenfaire.com/ 

By guest contributor: Jennifer

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Picks for Things to Do this weekend around Louisville: June 20,21,22

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 photo LMQ_zpsb9e8f632.jpgand  photo paintnparty_zpsdfea2dbe.jpg

Have you heard about Good Garbage?  No?  Then tune in here:

 photo Untitleddesign1_zps6a8af730.png
It's HOT HOT HOT! Finally - great water fun, pool weather.

Here are my picks for the weekend and refer to our Summer Fun Links page for more ideas.

Cool off and go to the Kentucky Science Center and see Back to the Future!  Playing at 12:45 and 7pm.

Or, head to New Albany for an outdoor summer concert - free fun!  Details here.

 photo PNOjune2014F_zpsf104f06f.jpgFroggy Open House at Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. FREE (donations encouraged) Dr. "Frog" Bill Dean will scoop up little wigglers, tadpoles, and all sorts of water creatures. He'll also give a presentation to introduce us to the many unique calls of our local frogs. There will be froggy crafts for kids and a Slide show at 10:15 a.m. and a walk to Frog Pond at 11:30 a.m.

You deserve a night out!  KaZoing makes it easy - drop off the kids, go out to eat, shop, see a movie, relax and unwind.  Pick them up and they will be happy as can be and you will be refreshed.

 photo CDfamilyadventureday_zpsaf9ee23e.png
Family Adventure Day at Churchill Downs. Just $5 (free for kids 0-3) if you get tickets in advance online. Live DJ entertainment, petting zoo, pony carousel, inflatables, mini golf and corn hole, a magician, snow cones, mascots, face painting, stick horse races and more....really, that's a lot.

And that's all folks....well, not really. See the calendar at the top of the page.


PS - Churchill Downs LOVES LouFamFun so much, they gave us more tickets to give you!  We have ONE MORE family 4 pack for Sunday's Family Adventure Day.  To enter to win, simply go and comment ONCE about your plans for the weekend on the Facebook post embedded below (the one about Marty McFly!). Do so by 2pm on Saturday 6/21. Winner will be chosen at random and notified via a reply to their Facebook comment.    

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Review of Home Depot Kids Workshop in Louisville, KY

 photo IMG_5307_zpsb644bd5b.jpgHome Depot offers free kids workshops the first Saturday of each month from 9am to 12 pm. The workshops are designed for children ages 5 - 12. Workshops teach children do-it-yourself skills, tool safety and instill a sense of pride and accomplishment. The kids get to keep their craft, receive a certificate of achievement, a workshop apron, and a commemorative pin to put on the apron.

 photo IMG_5302_zps57b61e8f.jpgMy kids really enjoyed their craft, but there was not only hammering, but gluing and optional painting that was not clothing friendly. We have done other kids workshops, but I appreciated Home Depot's earlier and longer hours, pins instead of iron on patches, and the staff was very friendly. The craft was a bit messier and more difficult to complete than others we have completed, but my kids had a great time. The set up was the same as other workshops, with the kids and parents sitting on the floor with long boards for tables. There was plenty of room, and lots of families present to enjoy the activity. We'll definitely be back!

Here is some information from their website:
•Offered the 1st Saturday at all The Home Depot stores between 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Please do not arrive before 9:00 a.m.
•Workshops teach children do-it-yourself skills, tool safety and instill a sense of pride and accomplishment. •All kids get to keep their craft, receive a FREE certificate of achievement, a Workshop Apron, and a commemorative pin.
•One workshop kit, apron and pin per child, while supplies last.
•Children must be present at the store to participate in the workshop and receive the kit, apron and pin. •Kids Workshop activities are scheduled on a first come/first served basis.
•Thank you for registering online to help us better plan our craft kit quantities needed.

By guest contributor: Caryn

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Review of RIVUE Restaurant-Great Parent's Night Out in Downtown Louisville, KY

 photo e6d8f75e-5534-405b-a46d-40409482f16e_zpsca7e5e33.jpg photo 7fbc2853-a826-4837-bfb0-6eae430cde59_zps21ab195c.jpgLooking for something a little more special and romantic for your next date night? How about RIVUE Restaurant on the top of the Galt House in downtown Louisville?

Recently, my husband and I celebrated a night out without the kids by getting a little bit more dressed up than normal, and heading to the top of downtown. RIVUE is on the top floor of the Galt House and has two rotating dining areas where you can view the Ohio River and downtown waterfront areas. We enjoyed the changing views, the atmosphere, the food was delicious, and the service was great. We decided to try their $99 for two menu, and were not disappointed. My husband ordered an extra side dish because he thought for sure our "especially priced meals" would be especially small. But he was pleasantly surprised to see he had more food than he could eat, and shouldn't have ordered the extra dish. There was a dessert to split included with our $99 deal, and my husband was once again pleasantly surprised by how much he enjoyed the dessert I chose! There is also a complimentary dessert snack cart to end your meal on a sweet note of your choice! 

 photo c89b4b2a-45f4-4529-a7ee-75f05ca1fa35_zpsf1ea54fc.jpg photo 44f01ada-1a9c-4811-a6f3-15d80363f275_zpsc01c2df7.jpgSome things I appreciated at RIVUE were the free valet parking, the live piano player who played requests, and the comfortable dining crowd from families in jeans to couples dressed up and celebrating special occasions. It cost more than our usual date night, but we really enjoyed the modern, romantic decor, and the beautiful views. It was a perfect place for a date night, and we look forward to heading back! (Things to be wary of...the Galt House sits right next to the Yum Center, so watch out for rush hour traffic and big Yum event start/end times. I have also heard there is a possibility the 2 rotating dining areas can be totally reserved. If you're going to pay extra for an extra special meal, make sure you call ahead and reserve a table in one of the rotating areas, or it may not feel worth it).

By guest contributor: Caryn

Monday, June 16, 2014

An Afternoon of Family Fun in South Louisville

Want to spend half a day in South Louisville taking in some sights, sounds, and scrumptious-y-ness? Here's an itinerary for you!

 photo riverview_zpsf5ad9531.jpgStart your day at Iroquois Park. No back up first. If you're arriving morning or late morning, stop at Sister Bean's Coffee Shop first for a pick-me-up! Then take your coffee, latte, milk, muffins, or cookies over to the playground at Iroquois Park and eat them there! Iroquois Park is a lovely park, and has a great play area and splash area during the summer months.

Venture over to the Riverside Farnsley-Moremen Landing for an afternoon on an historic farmstead on the river. This place is absolutely gorgeous and they have a full schedule of family activities going on all the time. They have all kinds of programming for families, and the summer season is a great time to head out that way. Learn how to grow heirloom tomatoes, attend their annual old fashioned ice cream social in July, attend builidng blocks of history field trips in the spring, and go on archaeological digs throughout each month. Click here for their events page. Read our review of the artifact event here.

 photo jimbo2_zps0560b9f8.jpg photo jimbo_zpsa36d848c.jpg photo jimbo1_zpsbb960e48.jpg photo jimbo3_zpsbfa2d975.jpgYou can grab some lunch at Jimbo's Bar-B-Que or even Valley Dairy Freeze. I recently had lunch at both of these awesome local establishments. If you eat at either and have the Kids Eat Free VIP card, your kids can get a free meal! Jimbo's was super! My toddler and I had lunch there not too long ago and the food was delicious and the service was great. I got a Bar-B-Que wrap with pulled chicken and it was HUGE, stuffed with baken beans, onions, cole slaw, and their signature barbeque sauce. I had a side of potato salad. I also had the fried green tomatoes which are seasonal and they were superb! My toddler got his meal from with the card, and he had grilled cheese and fries. They have a few options. This is a very small local place right at the corner of Kenwood and New Cut Rd, directly across from Iroquois Park. The lunch crowd was hopping and I could tell it was all locals from around the area. They also have great outdoor deck seating, and they do catering, give them a call at 502-375-1888. Either way, after lunch you must get some treats at Valley Dairy Freeze. They are a great mom and pop shop and have been serving up frozen concoctions in southwest Louisville since 1955. They are family-owned and operated and their followers love them. My family does now too!

 photo riverview1_zps9be81f9d.jpgAlso stop at Riverview Park while you're over this way. They have a great playground, great walking paths right along the river view, and they have a fantastic splash area/sprayground feature.

Another fun place to check out over near the south side of Louisville is Barrel of Fun Ice Cream. Another great local joint who is celebrating their 20th season this year. Check out our review here.

Go give south Louisville some love, folks!

By guest contributor: Erin

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Paint & Donate Benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana

We love supporting our charity of choice, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana. We are pleased to tell you about this wonderful event that they are putting on - 100% of the profits benefit their organization!

 photo PaintampDonatelogoOldham_zps3c151b98.png

Paint & Donate 
June 28th 
(12501 Harmony Landing Road, Goshen, KY 40026)

All of the profits go to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana Oldham County programs. 

 photo zebra_zps50290869.jpg

1:30 Workshop for kids – Paint a Zebra on canvas + a weaving craft $20 per child (for kids 8+)   
Juice & cookies served.
 photo dolphin_zps19d1c3a0.jpg

3:30 Workshop for kids – Paint a Dolphin on canvas + a weaving craft $20 per child 
(for kids 7+)  Juice & cookies served.
 photo starrysunflowers_zps4ea9a98f.jpg

6:30 Workshop for adults (18+) – Starry Sunflowers on large canvas $30 per adult.  Tea & Cookies served.

Food and beverages are included courtesy of Earth Fare Louisville and Moe's Southwest Grill

Prizes will be given away!

Space is limited.
For kids workshops, parents can stay or drop off their children.   If you drop off your child, you will be asked to sign a waiver.  If your child is under the age of 7, you can still sign up - please plan to stay and assist your child.
The adult workshop is for adults only.

 photo paintnparty_zps6239899f.jpg

Workshops are being taught by the wonderful staff from Paint n Party!

Registration available: http://www.bbbsky.org/paintanddonateoldham

Questions? Email stephanie.white@bbbsky.org

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Picks for things to do this weekend around Louisville: June 13,14,15Ideas for Father's Day!

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 photo LMQ_zpsb9e8f632.jpg
  After a rainy week, aren't you ready for some sunshine?

We are looking forward to some fun this weekend, maybe heading to Huber's for some strawberries - it's that time of year!

 photo Untitleddesign1_zps6a8af730.png 
Here are my picks for the weekend & ideas for Father's Day:

Friday:  It's a summer festival in Lyndon!  Click here for details. Kid zone, food, rides, music and more.  Free admission and it's at Robison Park. (Also taking place Saturday)

Into Legos?  Head to Bricks & Minifigs for a "Meet the Mentor" event that's free.  Learn about Lego Robotics from 4-8pm.

Saturday: Get those bikes ready and head to the Parklands of Floyds Fork for a family bike ride from 9-11am.  It's free for members, $5 for non-members.  Details here.

Learn to sail, for FREE! It's at Cox Park for kids 9-18 and adults.  There are two sessions for kids and one session for adults. See the details by clicking here.  What a great opportunity! Be sure to read the website because there's a registration form and waiver.

Sunday:   Happy Father's Day!!  Take dad to Greece....in Louisville, on the Belvedere.  It's the Greekfest from noon - 6pm (also on Friday and Saturday).  Lots of delicious food options.

Other ideas for Father's Day:
Holiday World has a $10 coupon code for this weekend. See here.
Get the Huber's deal we have listed here and head out for farm fun
The Comfy Cow is offering Dad free ice cream.
Belle of Louisville has a Father's Day BBQ & Bourbon cruise
Father's Day with Pete Rose at NE Christian Church (open to all)
Orange Leaf Clarksville is offering 8oz free treat for Dads on Sunday
The Louisville Bats have a game on Sunday and special promotion for Dads!
Dads get in free on Father's Day to Clarksville Family Aquatic Center (with paying family member)
Dads get in free to Louisville Zoo on Father's Day
Dads get a free home tour at Farmington Market + other activities on Father's Day
Free tours at Evan Williams Bourbon Experience for Dads this weekend.
Dads jump for free at SkyZone Louisville.

Have a fabuLOUs weekend!

Tune into our podcast this week! Good Garbage - that's the topic.....wondering about it? Click play!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Review of A Day Out With Thomas on Kentucky Railway in New Haven, KY

 photo IMG_5098_zps10a79ed2.jpgMy family and I were privileged to be hosted on a ride on the Day Out With Thomas train ride in conjunction with Kentucky Railway Museum this past weekend! My 2 1/2 year old was beside himself with excitement and couldn't wait till we "found Thomas." First we had to make the drive from Louisville to New Haven, KY, just a little ways past Bardstown and about an hour from Louisville. The website has great directions - we are familiar with the Bardstown area so we took our usual route into Bardstown via Bardstown Road and continued down the state roads into New Haven from there.

 photo thomas1_zps8170ac89.jpgOur train excursion was set to depart at 11:30am, and according to the website they advise you to arrive an hour early, so we left our house at about 9:30am. It's probably a good idea to do that, to make sure you make your train departure time and any traffic you may hit along the way. There are plenty of activities set up for the day that are included with your ticket so if you arrive early, you'll have plenty to keep your little ones occupied. When we picked up our tickets at Will Call (which was clearly marked, as were many of the signs around the outdoor areas), we were given a schedule of all the hour by hour activities going on as well as a little passport type map that kids could get stamped at 4 different stations and then receive a little prize after completing all of them.

 photo IMG_5105_zpscb5b6234.jpg photo thomas_zpse3ab9a74.jpgThe train ride was really exciting for our toddler! It lasted 25 minutes and basically went one way down the track, and then went back again toward the train station area where you board. You ride along through some farmland and countryside. It is relaxing! The kids receive a nice little certificate that they can color that says they are a Jr Engineer. The staff was so very helpful and friendly! The only thing I would say to pay attention to is where you board on your ticket. At the very top/end of your ticket it will say what Car you are riding in, and we did not know that. It was our very first time there ever, and it seemed like many people knew little tidbits like this because they had ridden the train before. For first timers, this was a little bit confusing because we lined up on the upper platform where we thought everyone boarded, when in fact we needed to be down some steps and at the very back car, the one called Alta Lake. Just a tip to be aware of. There are no assigned seats on the train, you just board and are seated first come first serve. There's no problem though because any seat is really a good seat.

Activity Stations include: Imagination Station, Spin Art, Temporary Tattoos, Storytelling/Video, Puppet Show, Meet & Greet with Sir Topham Hat, Photo Area, Outdoor Gift Shop area, as well as a fun bouncie house and a little putt putt area-both of which my toddler did twice. There was also a mini train ride and a petting zoo at the Imagination Station area. There were a few food vendors selling food items and drinks.

The Day Out with Thomas is happening again this coming weekend, June 14 and 15, and is an annual event. Check the website for tickets. Use coupon code LVILLEFAMILYFUN14 to receive $2 off your ticket price!

By guest contributor: Erin

Monday, June 9, 2014

Review of The Widow's Walk Ice Creamery Bicycle Rental in Southern Indiana

 photo Bikes_zpsa347400a.jpg“I feel like a kid again!” These were the words of my 6’6” 200+ pound husband as he bicycled along the Ohio River Greenway with our two year old daughter strapped in a child carrier seat on the back of his aqua and white rented bike. Grinning from ear to ear and a little wobbly, my family of four pedaled across Riverside Drive from The Widow’s Walk Ice Creamery to venture out on our first bicycle ride together.

Before heading up I-65, we checked out the Widow’s Walk bicycle rental fees online and called in our reservation. We ended up purchasing a Living Social deal that got us two adult bicycles for two hours, added a child carrier seat rental for our daughter and brought our son’s bicycle with us, totaling $18. You can rent by the hour, half day or full day. These are the rates for an hour bicycle rental: child $5, adult $8, adult with child seat $10 and the tandem for $18. We brought our own helmets, but they are available. I did not notice any children’s bicycles with training wheels available for rent.

 photo ClayampElinBike_zps4d259c23.jpgThe staff was very helpful and patient with all of our questions. They assisted us with securing our daughter in the child carrier seat and we were given a brief summary of what to see along the bike path for each direction. Heading west will take you to the Falls of the Ohio State Park and the George Rogers Clark Homesite. If you head east, you can now take a half mile trip down Riverside Drive and reach the newly opened Big 4 Pedestrian Bridge. We decided to head west along the Ohio River.

 photo Falls_zps05f6e719.jpgLeaving the cool Victorian Home behind us, we immediately came upon Ashland Park. We noted the public restrooms, playground and views for us all to take in on our way back. The bicycle path is clearly marked with a yellow line down the middle. (This was nice to have with our zig-zagging six year old bicyclist.) About a half mile down the path, we were at the Falls of the Ohio State Park. There was one big hill at this point and the tree cover was no longer available. The bicycle path crossed over Riverside Drive in a couple of spots, but the traffic was light and we always felt safe. Due to a low-blood sugar meltdown by our six year old, we had to turn around about a half mile past the Falls of the Ohio.

 photo ElijahSkyline_zps02957e6d.jpegWe decided to stop at the Ashland Park playground for a rest on our way back. The view is incredible! Louisville’s skyline and waterfront are clearly visible and it was nice to sit and watch the Ohio River. We only needed an hour for our ride (even though or Living Social deal was good for two hours), but I can see how with better planning, a nice picnic lunch, some exploring along the Ohio River and fossil beds, followed by ice cream at the Widow’s Walk Ice Creamery (review here) would be a super fun day.

 photo BikePath_zps0618cac2.jpgOnce back at the Widow’s Walk Ice Creamery, we bought a couple of drinks and ice cream for our children. The staff put our bicycles back in their spots for us and asked how we enjoyed the ride. When we headed back to the interstate, I asked my husband to drive east along the Ohio River so I could check out how to get to the Big 4 Bridge. The sidewalk was only available for a few yards and then it appeared you would have to bicycle on Riverside Drive, which still appeared to be bicycle friendly. Once past King Fish, the sidewalk becomes available again and with a few turns you can access the Big 4 Bridge.

The entire experience was a great one (even with the meltdown)! We were able to safely bicycle together as a family along a great path and catch some incredible views. My husband and I plan to go back for a date night, hoping to make it across the Big 4 Bridge and to Louisville’s Waterfront.

By guest contributor: Nicolle

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Vacation Bible School - VBS Programs Summer 2014 in and around Louisville, KY

 photo d59fe3e3-e5c5-4bfd-9c13-bbc06c322523_zpsd015ac8e.png

Click HERE for the 2015 VBS Directory

The following churches have published Vacation Bible School (VBS) programs for this summer. Please contact the church directly for registration, fees or to confirm the information listed below.

June 8-12

Bethlehem Baptist Church
5708 Preston Highway Louisville, KY 40219
Event is free. Ages Pre-school through 5th grade
Music, games, snacks etc all free

June 16 - 19

St. John United Methodist Church
12700 West Highway 42 Prospect, KY 40059

“Weird Animals" theme 9:30am - 12pm for Age 4 (by June 16) - entering 5th grade.

Crestwood Baptist Church

Walnut Street Baptist Church
Monday-Thursday June 16-19
6-8 pm
Kickoff block party Sunday, June 15th at 5:30
Hot dogs, games, inflatables
Age 4-5th grade

June 16 - 20

Bethel St. Paul Church
4004 Shelbyville Rd. Louisville, KY 40207 
 “International Spy Academy” theme 9am - 12pm for Age 4 - 6th grade

Christ Church United Methodist
4614 Brownsboro Rd. Louisville, KY 40207
 “Weird Animals" theme 9am - 12pm for Age 4 - rising 6th graders

Fern Creek Baptist Church
5920 Bardstown Rd. Louisville, KY 40291
 "Agency D3" theme 9am - 12pm for Age 4 - 8th grade completed 6pm - 9pm for Grades 9th - 12th completed

Kosmosdale Baptist Church
7012 Shipley Ln Louisville, KY 40272
Time: 5:30-8:30PM, Free Registration and Registration is online, Age: K-6th Grade

Theme: Faith Expedition 

Middletown United Methodist Church
11902 Old Shelbyville Rd Louisville, KY40243
 “Wilderness Escape” theme 9am - 12pm Registration Deadline: May 30, 2014

North Oldham Baptist Church
12001 West Highway 42 Goshen, KY 40026
 “Gotta Move" Theme 6pm- 8:30pm for age 4 thru 5th grade

St. Matthews Baptist
3515 Grandview Ave. Louisville, KY 40207 
 “Agency D3" theme 8:30am - 12pm for children age 3 (born on or before 10/1/10) - grade 6

Valley View Church
8911 3rd Street Rd. Louisville, KY 40272
 “Weird Animals" theme 9am - 12:30pm for Age 5 - completed 5th grade

Westport Road Baptist Church
9705 Westport Rd. Louisville, KY 40241
 “Agency D3" theme 9am - 12pm for Age 4 - completed 5th grade

Kenwood Heights Christian Church
5620 New Cut Rd
Louisville, KY 40214
6:30-9:00 pm

June 22- 26

Beechland Baptist Church
4613 Greenwood Rd. Louisville, KY 40258
 “Jungle Safari” theme 6 pm - 8:30 pm for Kindergarten - Middle School

Green Acres Baptist Church
5189 Poplar Level Road
Louisville, Ky 40219
Agency 3D, Decide....Discover.....Defend
Age 4 through Adult
6:30 to 9pm

June 23 - 26

Watkins United Methodist Church
9800 Westport Rd. Louisville, KY 40241
 “Workshops of Wonder" theme 5:30 pm - 8 pm (light dinner served) for Ages 3 - 5th grade

June 23 - 27

Holy Trinity
501 Cherrywood Rd. Louisville, KY 40201
 “SonTreasure Island” theme 9am - 12pm, Age 4 (by 10/1/12) through incoming 4th grade

St. Aloysius
212 Mount Mercy Dr. Pewee Valley, KY 40056
 9:30am - 12pm for Age 4 (by 10/1/14) - incoming 5th graders

Christ Lutheran Church
9212 Taylorsville Rd. Louisville, KY 40299
Ages 3-10; 9am-noon

Ninth and O Baptist Church
Free, Register Online!

July 7-10 

Jeffersontown Christian Church
10631 Taylorsville Road   Jeffersontown, KY 40299
502.267.5474 or 502.267.5475   
6pm-8pm; call church to register- for kids up through grade 5

July 7-11

Crestwood United Methodist Church

July 13-17

Middletown Christian Church
500 N. Watterson Trail Louisville KY 40243
"Weird Animals" theme
5:30 -  8:30 pm, Age 4 - incoming 5th graders 

July 14 - 17

Sojourn Community Church East Campus
8509 Westport Rd. Louisville, KY 40242
“Proof Pirates” theme 9am - 12pm for Age 4 - completed 5th grade

July 14 - 18
Sojourn Community Church at Midtown
1207 South Shelby St. Louisville, KY 40203
 “Proof Pirates" theme 9 am - 12 pm for Age 4 - completed 5th grade

Sojourn Community Church at J-Town
11412 Taylorsville Rd. Louisville, KY 40299
 “Proof Pirates" theme 9am - 12pm for Age 4 - completed 5th grade

Sojourn Community Church at New Albany
2023 Ekin Ave. New Albany, IN 47150
 “Proof Pirates" theme 6 pm - 8:30 pm for Age 4 - completed 5th grade 

Springdale Community Church
4601 Springdale Rd. Louisville, KY 40241
 “Agency D3” theme 9am - 12pm for children completed Kindergarten - completed 5th

St. Edwards Church

July 14-18
(6:30pm-9pm) North Bullitt Christian Church

Graceland Baptist Church in New Albany, IN  

July 14 - 19

St. Gabriel the Archangel
5505 Bardstown Rd. Louisville, KY 40291
 “Weird Animals” theme 9:30 am - 12:30 pm, Call for ages

July 21-25
Mt. Tabor United Methodist Church
3301 West Highway 22
Crestwood, KY 40014
6:00 to 8:00 pm
"Gangway to Galilee: Amazing Grace Adventures"
potty-trained 3 year olds through 5th grade

August 4 - 7

River Valley Christian Church
12650 West US Highway 42 Prospect, Ky 40059
 "Weird Animals" theme 6:30 - 8:30pm ages 3 - entering 5th grade

August 5 and 7

Highland Presbyterian Church
1011 Cherokee Rd. Louisville, KY 40204
 “Blast Off” theme 9am - 12pm for Potty-trained 3 yr olds - 5th grade

Did we miss a VBS that you know about? Email info@louisvillefamilyfun.net and we will update this post!

By guest contributor: Brandy