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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Review of All About Kids - Open Gym - Blankenbaker Location in Louisville, KY

Lauren was given free admission to All About Kids for purpose of review. 

 photo IMG_20140702_103654_495_zps44904ef8.jpgI thought my daughter would enjoy it and it would be a nice change of pace for the summer. I didn’t expect her to enjoy it as much as she did though!

We got there at about 10:30 on a Wednesday morning. Monday through Friday, they have their Inflatable Fun Zone open from 10-2. I updated the waiver info because it had been over a year since we were last there for swim lessons. We got to the inflatable fun zone and there were only 2 other boys playing. I tried taking pictures, but couldn’t catch my daughter going slow enough due to her excitement. In this area, there is a large play place area with a huge slide, a bouncey, a large inflatable slide with obstacle course, a trampoline, playhouses, and other cars and toys to play with. It is a fairly small place for all that was there, but the kids had a great time.

By 11:00, there were about 15 kids there. It was starting to get a bit more crowded, but I loved that there was a 10 and under limit, helping to keep too many big kids running around. Most of the kids who were there were 5 and under, because most people were playing until the preschool open gym began.

 photo IMG_20140702_121414_672_zps4a5abe68.jpgAt around 11:30, we took a break and had lunch. They do not allow outside food, but have quite a few options for very reasonable prices. We got a hot dog, grilled cheese, chips and a drink for $6.50. They also have pizza (although it was not available that day) and other typical concession stand type foods like nachos and soft pretzels. The grilled cheese was made when we ordered it, so it took about 10 minutes (she buttered the bread, put the cheese on, and ran it through the conveyer belt oven). Overall, it was good concession stand food for a good price.

After lunch, it was 12:00 and the preschool open gym began. During this time, only children 5 and under are allowed in and they get access to all of the things in their gym – floor trampolines, swings into foam block pits, huge slides, balance beams, bars, and so much more. When we walked through the door, my daughter just looked around in amazement, trying to figure out what to do first! She had an absolute blast running all over the place.

 photo IMG_20140702_121158_313_zpse25e4a00.jpgI had to stay with her, but there were employees around to help with certain equipment. My only complaint on the day was that at 11:55, they told the kids their time was up and they had to leave. Just a few minutes earlier, I had warned my daughter she had 10 minutes left, and it was cut short. Not a big deal, but I wished she had gotten her entire time in there. We at least got to go back to the inflatable area for a little while longer until it was time to come home to take a nap. She clearly had a blast because she crashed when we got home.

For only $6, this is a great deal! You could technically stay from 10-2, although I’m sure a child would be completely exhausted by then! They also have open gym available for all ages from 2-4 Sunday through Friday and 7-9 on Saturday. For my 3 year old though, this was perfect to make sure that she wasn’t getting run over by larger kids and was able to go at her own pace. We will definitely be back!

By guest contributor: Lauren

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