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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Frugal Family Fun - 9 outings that cost under $10

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If you’re on a tight budget, you may think there’s not much out there for your family to do.  Luckily, LouFamFun has your back!  Here’s a list of 9 things you can do with your family of four for under $10!

1. Village 8 movie theater in DuPont has $2 Tuesdays. That’s right, $8 for your whole family to see a movie! 

2. Good Garbage is my family’s favorite place to spend a day off from school. The kids go in the back and glue and glitter everything in site and you pay whatever you think you should- I usually do $5 per kid.

3. Bernheim Forest is a great place to go hiking and enjoy nature. The cost is $5 per car (weekends - free weekdays), so even larger families can enjoy the nature!

4. If at least 1 of your kids is under 5, your whole family can visit the Salato Wildlife Center in Frankfort for $10!

5. If your kids are under 5, your whole family can visit the Thomas Edison House in Butchertown or Whitehall on Lexington Road for $10.

6. Admission for your whole family is also $10 if your kids are under 5 when you visit the brand new Louisville Water Works Museum at the historic Water Tower.

7. Visit the Falls of the Ohio for hiking and exploring for just a $2 parking fee. Or, (when it re-opens in fall 2015) head to the interpretive center.  The admission fees are modest - an adult and a child can enjoy it for under $10 with the parking fee. 

8. Visit Bricks and Minifigs in Louisville. They have a free play area (with a couch for mom and dad!), and let your kids put together their own mini-fig from the bin for $4 apiece or 3 for $10.

9. Henry’s Ark is technically free, but it depends on donations from visitors to feed the animals. A $10 donation would greatly benefit the animals, and there’s a great place for picnics! 

By Guest Contributor: Maggie


Jen S said...

How do you get into the two places in Lexington for $10 with a child under 5? I did not see that on either website.

Louisville Family Fun said...

Jen - there are two places listed for #5 and one of which is on Lexington Rd but not in the city of Lexington.

Angela said...

Kingfish does NOT have mini golf anymore and hasn't for quite some time.

Louisville Family Fun said...

Angela - Thanks for pointing this out, we were unaware of them removing it!

mistie wisniewski said...

There is also a science lab in Elizabethtown KY. It is in the mall. $5 per child for all day. It's lots of steam stuff...painting, building, magnets, using imagination, creating inventions, and more.