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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Places: Favorite Family Game to Play Together

 photo Family Game Night_zpsd8nipdhb.png

I asked the LouFamFun writers: What is your favorite game to play together as a family?

With some colder months, we thought you might need some ideas!

Also - there are great fun/educational games at The Parent-Teacher Store & Toys too!

Stephanie- Monopoly

Nicolle- X-Box 360. Usually Wipeout or Fruit Ninja. 

Jeanette- Wits and Wagers (Family Edition)

Kelly- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Battle Game (Card Game)

Caryn- Curious George Hide and Seek at the Zoo

Karen- Qwirkle & Rummikub

Kimberly- Candyland and puzzles

Lauren- Hide & Seek (no supplies necessary!!)

Brandy- Depends on who you ask at our house! Sorry, Hold Your Horses and Moose in the House are popular right now.

Maggie- Monopoly because somehow my five year old always wins.

Erin- Headbandz, Blurt, or Bubble Talk

Tami- Zingo or Spuzzle

Allison- Checkers or Where is Sock Monkey?

By Guest Contributor: Brandy 

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