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Richard Lancaster said...

HATE this new calendar format! It is VERY cumbersome. It hurts my eyes to search the calendar at a "glance" for the days/weeks events. PLEASE restore the old calendar, or at least give an option to change calendar layout!

Louisville Family Fun said...

Richard, We will not be restoring the old calendar. But, please see that the new calendar is totally adjustable to your liking. There are multiple formats and you can choose whichever one you prefer instead of our default poster view. See our video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ASqkYCF-A8

dpfinn02 said...

I like the new layout and different format options. I'm just glad the calendar is still available. At first, I thought it went away entirely and was pretty bummed. Thanks for providing! Really lets me plan a fun weekend with the kiddos.

Richard Lancaster said...

I'm sorry, maybe I'm just not getting it, but the link you supplied to illustrate this "adjustability" tells me nothing about what formats I have to choose from, nor how to change the layout of this calendar. I am no longer able to comfortably experience this calendar in this new format.

Louisville Family Fun said...

Hi Richard - on the top right of the calendar, there is a small arrow for a drop-down menu. It says "Posterboard." You can click it and it gives you a variety of views. Some of them are more like lists similar to our old Google calendar.