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Spring/Summer Ads 2016

Thank you for your interest in advertising during Spring and/or Summer 2017. We have several opportunities that we feel will have high traffic based on previous years performance.

Here's a video to learn more about what LouFamFun is all about!

Ads are available in these popular posts. The graphics you provide are 300x250 and can be linked to the website of you choice. They will be on the top of the page or post.  If in a post, they will appear before the "Read More" link so readers see them showcased first.
Your ad will remain on this post/page for a year until we update the post for 2018.

All of these ads are variable in pricing and we will package them for you if you are interested in more than three options, please inquire!   Pricing typically rests between $0.01 to $0.05 a view.

Here are posts that are available (last year's ads left to showcase for example where applicable)

Spring Fun (page on menu bar) 8,000+ views total
Summer Fun (page on menu bar) 23,000+ views total
Spring Festivals (post) 8,000+ views in 2016
Summer Camps (page on menu bar) 17,000+ views total
Easter Events (post) 13,000+ views in 2016
Fourth of July Events (TONS of views, great to showcase summer fun) 40,000+ views in 2016
Summer Festivals (post) 26,000+ views in 2016
Summer Movie Deals (post) 12,000+ views in 2016
Summer Cultural Pass information (post) 42,000+ views in 2016
Vacation Bible Schools (post) 8,000+ views in 2016
Outdoor Summer Movies (post) 27,000+ views in 2016
Church Picnics (post) 26,000+ views in 2016
Summer Concerts (post) 15,000+ views in 2016
Picks for Things to do this Weekend (posted every week on Thurs or Fri) 2,000+ weekly
Week in Preview (posted every Sunday) 1,000+ weekly
Free Events posts (one each month published on the first or second - excellent pageviews even if you don't offer a free event!)

Indoor Birthday Party places (new post!!)

Our posts perform so well on Google searches!
 photo google holiday events_zpsgptqmlvy.png 

We get it the information to local families!

Advertisers also enjoy additional social media engagement, inclusion in our Facebook events page and our website calendar!  It's even possible for a Facebook Live interview to tell people about your event or services/products - these are really fun. 

To secure your ad, email stephanie@louisvillefamilyfun.net

Additional advertising opportunities are available for web banners and on  KentuckyFamilyFun.net, ShelbyFamilyFun.net and OldhamFamilyFun.net

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