Feed Animals and Go Hiking at Blackacre Conservancy


Blackacre is open for hiking and to feed animals in Louisville. Their historic homestead is free to visit!

feed animals in Louisville

Blackacre State Conservancy Nature Preserve and Historic Homestead offers over 280 acres of land and so much more. Enjoy this beautiful place with your family, even during social distancing and quarantine. 

Many people have asked “Where can we take our kids to feed animals in Louisville?” If you have asked this question, the answer is…. Blackacre Nature Preserve.

What can you do at Blackacre?

Feeding animals

They have goats, horses, sheep, donkey, and cattle and whatever other animals live in their natural spaces. Before you visit, remember the animals love carrots so be prepared. There are even baby goats! According to their Facebook page, the animals are most active and social in the evenings. This is a fantastic spot to feed animals in Louisville.



There are two main trails, Waterfall Trail and Sunrise trail. There are other smaller trails. Click here to see the trail map. If water is your thing, they have streams, ponds, small waterfalls and lots to see. Before you come, print the scavenger hunt that’s perfect to bring along for kids to pay close attention to the natural landscape they are exploring. 

Blackacre scavenger hunt

Photo from Blackacre Facebook page

Educational activities – Each week they will post a video and resources to learn something about a topic related to Blackacre. Last week, it was farm and beans. They will have a connected activity at Blackacre that’s a project for kids. 

Be a part of the community garden – You can get your own plot in their large community garden. When so many places are closed for entertainment, this could be an opportunity for families to learn something new, spend time together outside, and see what you can grow! It’s just $15 – $35 depending on the size you want. Depending on what you prefer, they have organic and non-organic sections. 

Blackacre activity

Photo from Blackacre Facebook page

When can you go to Blackacre?

Trail, Homestead & Grounds:

Hours:  Sunrise to Sunset; 7 days a week.

NOTE: During the School year, the grounds are open to the public after 3 pm. (M-F)

And, be aware, sometimes it is closed for private events. 

Blackacre is supported by donations. Consider making a donation if you make a visit to feed animals in Louisville or go hiking!

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