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Are you looking for youth soccer in Louisville and a soccer club opportunity for your child?

There are many opportunities in Louisville for your child for youth soccer. If you are looking for a club soccer experience for your child, look to Elite FC Louisville.

Elite FC Louisville will host free youth soccer tryouts for their boys’ club soccer teams starting for the 2022-2023 season. Tryout dates and times are be based on birth year and are listed below.

Want to play soccer in a fun, competitive environment? Check out conveniently located ELITE FC where we help your player reach their potential!

The only club in the state that has produced two professional players who came up entirely through our system.  We would argue we may be the only club in the state that has ever done this.

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Register for free online for tryouts. 

Elite FC Louisville practices and plays in Louisville at E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park. While your athlete is at practice, you can walk, hike, play, run, picnic or run errands at nearby businesses. Elite FC youth soccer club in Louisville teams play in local, state, and regional leagues for a competitive club soccer experience. 

The club’s philosophy is PLAYER-CLUB-TEAM. When a club believes in putting the player first, it creates a true player development model. This allows for everything else for the club and team to fall into place. As kids develop, they learn the style and techniques to advance in soccer as players. Then, the club and team benefit from their individual growth. 

What the club offers:

  • Games, more games, more games. 


  • One of the only clubs to integrate being a better athlete into their program through the use of Certified Personal Trainers.  We work to develop the athlete as a whole, not just the soccer player


  • We started the Alex Keyzer Memorial Scholarship this year and plan to award three current club members money for college!  This is again, something we don’t think any other club in the state is doing or has ever done.  We believe in giving back to the players and helping them reach their goals!


  • We expect a full slate of futsal action throughout the season and our Winter program will return! This is by far one of the best development tools in our bag for making better players!  The Winter session will include weekly trainings, league play and tournaments!


  • Additional training sessions over what we have historically offered.


  • Sibling Discount Program – 10% off the lower registration fee for families with more than one player in the club


youth soccer club in Louisville

One parent recently shared this story: 

“I want to share something for anyone considering club soccer. (My son) was playing defense in a game this past weekend and in an attempt to prevent a goal he accidentally scored on his own team (aka an own goal). He was devastated and started to cry on the field. I watched his teammates tell him to shake it off and keep playing. I watched his coaches let him try to figure out how to pick himself back up and move forward. They didn’t yell at him or pull him from the game. They let him work it out on his own. I watched the opposing team’s coach yell at his players the ENTIRE game. Soccer is a fast sport and at some point players must figure it out on their own. PLAYER DEVELOPMENT IS THE GOAL. The end result of the game was not what we wanted but he learned life lessons that are so much bigger than a single game. Our soccer club Elite FC has been a good home for my boys. They have made friends for life and learned lessons that will help them throughout their lives, as well as improved as players.”

If you would like to learn more, you can learn more about the latest news on Elite FC on their Facebook page.


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