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Looking for sports camps? This summer, there are camps for soccer, basketball, football, tennis, volleyball, equestrian sports, baseball, softball, or another sport? This page has your Louisville summer camp option for sports!

Some sports camps in Louisville have not yet updated their websites to reflect 2022 information. We will continue to update this website for 2022 throughout the spring to bring you the summer camp options!

Sports camps in Louisville:
(in alphabetical order)

Higher Level Basketball 

IU Southeast Athletics Basketball, baseball, and softball – No update for 2022

KJ Fundamental Football Clinic 

Mercy Academy

Mighty Oak Academy at Love City – No update for 2022

Mike Elmers, Tetra Brazil British Soccer Camp

Mockingbird Valley Soccer Club

Mockingbird, British Soccer Camps 

Mockingbird, Tetra Brazil British Soccer Camps

My Gym

Louisville Rowing Club – Learn to Row Camps

Louisville Skat­ing Acad­emy 

Louisville Turners Circus 

Presentation Academy


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